13 July 2012


Look, it's a cheap gym. $3.30/session, no contracts or any of that sort of thing and not many people use the rack, so I can usually walk in, work out and walk out without much delay. But it's not the most tempting place to go. Mirrors everywhere, cold or hot but rarely comfortable, and acres of machines. But it's got heavy things, and there's still a place to lift them (though I'm constantly slightly worried that any given time I arrive there my rack will be gone) so it'll do. And I think I mentioned that it only costs $3.30.

S: 90
P: 45
D: 110

Oh, and thanks for the comment Kev - for some reason blogger is happy for me to sign in to write posts, but won't let me comment. I suspect that that says something about their relative importance.

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