29 April 2011

Blackburn Velo 29/04

One training session every 8 days, that should be enough to bring me to peak fitness in 7 decades, no? A combination of Easter camping and anus horribilis meant that I didn't even touch my bike for over a week.

So today's outing was a bit gentle, and only 35 minutes total of riding - and that mostly warmup/recovery time! I did two powerjump-style efforts from 30km/hr over 200m and then did a 2-lap revout which wasn't entirely a revout as such (and wouldn't ever be probably, without a motorbike to draft behind, but anyway) because I ran out of steam long before I ran out of spin!

And that was it. Not much in the way of serious training, but enough to wake the body up a bit without overstressing it while still attempting to keep to the sprinter's 100% credo. I managed a max of 51.7km/hr on my 86.4" on the second powerjump, not bad (for me!) considering I was sticking to the black line. And I should still recover fine for Sunday's session at DISC. No worries.

On another note, in looking up some times to keep in mind for future targets, I happened upon the 'best times' (because they're not allowed to be 'records' for Masters) for a Flying 200 in each age category. Now, the current world record is apparently 9.572 seconds. In Masters 1 (my age group, 30-35) it's 10.333 seconds. I won't go through the whole progression, but guess what it is for someone over 70 years old? Nope. Nope, not that either. It's 12.636 seconds. That's about 0.7 seconds faster than I've already gone, and it was ridden by someone over 70.

Now I didn't bring that up for the point of comparison, but more to observe that even though elite sprinting might be a young man's game, and I'm already too old for it (at least for starting out in it, as opposed to reaching the end of my career) there's still decades of time for me to enjoy the sport in a pointy fashion, should I choose. And that's an interesting thought.

Brief Stats here.

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