01 May 2011

DISC Session #2 with ABOC

Well there goes the now traditional Sunday massacre at DISC. The emphasis was on strength, with two sets of K1s, the first three as reaction drills (a group of 3, since there were just 5 sprinters in total) and the second set gate starts. All 1/4 lap except for the final gate start, which was a 1/2 lap.

The main difference in the rolling K1s compared to the last session was that this time we had to do them seated, in Race Gear (as previously mentioned, 99.7" for me) which made them so much more difficult. I think I came third in both of the competitive efforts (the first I did solo due to a mistake.) I had a bit of front-end wobble in the last effort, and checked out my bike afterwards but could find nothing strange around the front-end so thought it must just have been user error.

The gate starts were interesting, as I've never done them before and watching a youtube video or two is only so useful. Especially when, again, we had to do them seated rather than the usual standing out of the saddle. But I watched carefully, took note of the audible countdown and felt okay about it all. When I was strapped in and just about to start the countdown, I pushed forward on my bars to get my hands well seated-in and they moved! Back off I got and went back to the infield to tighten them up - each of the 4 bolts needed to be done up a full 2 turns at least! Very disconcerting, and not something I've encountered before; sprint training does, I agree, put more stress through the frame and contact points, but I would never have expected that to happen. But a track bike is a very simple thing, really, so I know the points to be checked every time I get on at least.

My first gate start was... an experience. I was very slow, very wobbly, and looking straight down, just concerned about getting away cleanly, not falling over and so on. Which of course meant that my form and power were rather lacking. I'd like to say that that improved for the next two efforts, and it did really (top speed on effort two was 3km/hr higher, and 1km/hr higher than the fastest rolling start), but not nearly enough. I suspect there's a reason why the next couple of months are going to be focussed on strength work! The last effort, being a half lap, felt better because once I'd actually gotten moving it was much easier to get the power going and get some acceleration happening, which always feels awesome.

We rounded off the evening with 3xFlying 100s, each of the three of us taking turns to lead the group in. I decided to stick with the theme of the evening, staying in the saddle to accelerate in to the starting point, and try to work on my line. I managed over 57km/hr on the first two efforts (top 57.6) but the third was a bit off, though at the time it felt okay, so perhaps it had more to do with the line I took than with getting too fatigued.

I was though. Rooted. And then to make things funner, getting up at 4am to take my sister to the airport, and getting almost no sleep beforehand because I always anticipate when I have to get up early. Even if it's not really that early. Anyway. 1hr spin on the roadie today. Then sleep!

Brief stats here.

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