15 May 2011

DISC Session #4 with ABOC

Well the program for this week was almost identical to last week, with the exception that this week I ran my 86" gear all night as I was paired up with Dino, who's just coming back from injury and is restricted in his gearing for the moment.

I felt much more present this week, like I had more energy and, especially, focus. Even in the warmup I was hitting it better, with a top speed about 3km/hr more than last week on the flying entry.

Statistically, the powerjump efforts are hard to compare because they're much more tactical than all-out efforts. This week Dino and I didn't do the ducking and diving, continuing instead with the powerjumps for the second set, and I led out each one so as to save Dino having to look over his shoulder, and also to give me more practice at it.

The last two efforts we did were a little muted, as Dino was about spent by that point and so didn't really seriously challenge me. Now, I should push just as hard anyway, and the top speed was similar to last week so I didn't slack off too much, but the competition does help really get the most out of the efforts. The first 4 efforts, though, were much better if still not quite fully committed.

Dino and Carl both commented that my second kick was quite good - but that that meant that I wasn't putting my all in to the first kick! Which is true. One matchup in particular - I think it was the second - Dino came around on the outside and was actually half a wheel in front of me coming out of the turn. Theoretically he should have beaten me from that point, as he was going faster (since he was going further around the bend) and had a slight run off the bank, but I kicked again and beat him. Which is great, but I should have had him beaten before that! He did just pip me on the line in another of our matchups, but overall I was happy with my work in those two sets.

We finished off with revouts again, and I held my position much better this week. In the first one particularly I was having trouble holding a terribly straight line, but at least I wasn't dropping off too far, nor having to back or softpedal too much; hopefully, this all means that my skills are improving! I had a pretty good go on the first attempt, hitting 57.3kmh/141RPM. This was already better than my best last week, but I felt like I had a bit more in me, and rather than cruising back to rest I continued to slowly pedal around the infield - so slowly that often the cadence registered as 0! It seems to get bored of waiting once you drop below 18RPM or so.

Anyway, my second revout I was really focussing on going as hard as I could, even though on the entry and halfway through the first lap I already felt like I wasn't going to make it! I stuck at it though, and once the first lap was over knowing that I only had two accelerations to go helped me to focus down again and I dug in as hard as I could, staring at the numberplate on the back of the bike. As I peeled off up the bank I was absolutely done, and I'm glad I was on a track bike because if I'd stopped pedalling from the fatigue I'm not sure I wouldn't have fallen off! When I finally rolled off the track and checked the stats, I was happy - 59.1 at 144RPM. Time to aim for 60km/hr!

Brief stats here.

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