30 May 2011

Spinning Pain

I don't know what it was this week, but I wasn't quite right. My legs felt mostly okay, but I was getting out of breath far more quickly than I should, especially for shorter, more intense exercises. I got through all but the last effort; I started that one twice, but just couldn't keep going, even with a little extra rest.

:00 E1
:05 2 x 6s HCLR:1
:10 2 x 8s PGRS(80, seated):3
:16 2 x 8s PG+4"RS(70, seated):3
:22 2 x 8s PG+8"RS(60, seated)
:28 2 x 7s BGRS(20, seated):3
:34 30s PG-4RS r/up (10:110, 10:135, 10:max)

The HCLRs were fine, though slightly lower than last week - 181 and 180, respectively. PGRS was okay - 151 and 155. Just mediocre. The +4 and +8 sets I did on the same gears as last week's +4 and +6, which are actually +5 and +11. So I didn't increase the difficulty, which is probably part of the idea, but I'm already well beyond where I should be. Good thing? No idea! Results were 147/151 and 137/140, so about 6 RPM lower than last week - and I should note that I did the program before it was slightly amended, so that I started from 80(ish) RPM, not 70 and 60. BGRS felt okay, reaching 112 and 125, respectively. Then the ramp up... I got about 15 seconds through the first time, after considering giving myself an extra couple of minutes to rest, then about 10 seconds through the second time, after another couple of minutes rest. I considered going back in the evening just to do that, but... didn't seem worthwhile.

Brief stats here.

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