19 May 2011

Hill Sprints up and down

Hill Sprints up:

79/27.1 (31.5)
76/28.0  (30.5)
78/29.0 (30.8)
75/28.3 (30.0)
76/29.0 (30.4)
76/27.3 (30.3)

Hill Sprints down:

116/59.1; 124/62.1 (64.8)
117/56.9; 130/60.8 (62.7)
120/57.1; 133/61.3 (63.8)
117/57.0; 131/60.6 (62.9)
116/60.2; 127/63.2 (65.6)

And then one on a slightly bigger downhill on the way home, just for the fun of it (this was in 53x12) 114/64.0

The numbers in brackets above are the maximum speed achieved - usually after I've stopped pedalling so hard! The good thing about that is it shows that I'm still accelerating by the end of the effort, so there's clearly more improvement possible. At least, that's the way I'm interpreting it!

So the numbers are getting better; mostly they're not getting better by much, but they are getting better. The maximum cadence on the downhill sprints is certainly much better, though there's also a clear correlation between maximum cadence and entry cadence.

Brief stats here and here.

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