17 May 2011

How high can you spin? PG Recalibration

Or, in my case, PG calibration; prior to this session I was only guessing that my 'power gear' for this bike/trainer combination was 53x17. And you know what? I was right!

This session was all about cadence, and lots of it! Every two minutes was an 8 second sprint at increasingly difficult gear ratios. The goal was to go as hard as possible for that 8 seconds, and find the ratio at which you couldn't quite get to 160RPM. My results were as follows... oh, and to be honest, once I'd gotten above 160 I didn't really try to go much higher...

First, warmup with 2x6s HCLR:1 = 176/175 (39x25, 41")

39x21 (48.8") = 167
39x19 (53.9") = 166
53x23 (60.6") = 162
39x16 (64.1") = 163
39x15 (68.3") = 160
53x19 (73.3") = 163
53x17 (81.9") = 155
39x12 (85.4") = 148

So 53x17 is the gear that I can't quite get to 160RPM on at the moment. Score for random guessing backed up by a little bit of rationalising! But the fun wasn't finished there - oh no! I tried to continue the next part on my road bike, but the chain kept coming off not only on the standing starts, but on the rolling ones, too. So I swapped to the track bike, which makes comparisons invalid because it has a smaller tyre diameter (it's a 20mm versus the 23mm width of the roadie) and hence lower resistance, and because of the different dynamics of the fixed wheel. But I got the exercises done, even if the BG (99.7")wasn't quite as big (116.1") as it should have been...

2x6s BG(99.7")SS (L,R seated):2 = 155/143
2x8s RG(99.7")RS (40, seated):2 = 151/154
PG(86.4")  r/up (6:100, 6:130, 6:max) = 152

So. HCLR a little higher than last week, found out my PG, and hit what felt like a good number in the PG ramp-up. And sweated out several litres of sweat, leaving me pure and cleansed. Or something.

Brief stats here.

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