03 May 2011

Spin at Home

Ideally, I'd be down at the ABOC spin session of a Tuesday night. But that's not possible for the moment, so instead we play at home and hope that someone chooses the home viewer and wins $25.

Sprint Stream

:00 E1
:05 2 x 5s HCLR:1
:10 3 x 6s RGSS:3 (L,R, prefered)
:19 1 x 24s PG+2 RS 80 r/up (8,8,8)
:26 1 x 30s (10:120,10:140,10:max) HCLR r/up
:34 2 x 6s BGSS(seated, L,R):2
:40 1 x 10s HCLR

Probably doesn't look too hard written down like that!

HCLR = High Cadence Low Resistance, so I put it in 39x23 and spun as fast as I could, up to 175RPM.

RGSS = Race Gear (I think! Not actually sure.) Standing Start - not sure if this was meant to be seated or not, but I did it like that anyway, in 53x14. Got to a cadence of 112, 115 and 114, respectively.

PG+2 RS 80 r/up (8,8,8) = Powergear (the gear that you can't quite get to 160RPM on, basically. I haven't tested this, so guessed at 53x17, which was probably about right) plus 2". I think it was meant to be spin up to 100, then 120, then 140 for 8 seconds each. Got up to 137.

HCLR r/up = Much the same as above, only this time with lower resistance and lasting longer. Hit a max of 155 RPM, but didn't hold that for 10 seconds I don't think! Maybe around 147-150.

BGSS = Big Gear Standing Start. Starting from stopped, accelerate as hard as possible for 6 seconds in 53x12 (well, it's the biggest I have!) Had some problems with the chain falling off, but otherwise okay. Got to 90RPM the first time, 104RPM the next - first proper attempt (the first unproper one was aborted) the chain fell off, then I pedalled it back on, which affected the results a bit.

Then wind down with a lazy ol' HCLR spin for 10 seconds - just 166RPM this time.

Then fell off the bike and got in to the shower. Survived fairly well really - tired, but still able to walk after the first couple of minutes of wobbliness.

Brief stats here.

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