10 May 2011

Spin at Home

More spinning at home! Last week was tough, this week even tougher...

:00 E1
:05 2 x 6s HCLR:1
:10 2 x 7s PGSS (seated):3
:19 1 x 25s PG RS (80) r/up (5:100,10:130, 10:max)
:25 1 x 30s PG RS (80) r/up (10:110,10:130,10:max)
:32 1 x 27s PG RS(80) r/up (9:110, 9:135, 9:max)
:38 2 x 7s BGSS (seated):2
:42 2 x 10s HCLR:2

The first two HCLRs were fine, and I hit the same sorts of numbers I did last week - 175 and 173, though in 39x25 this week rather than 39x23. The PGSSs don't have a precise corollary from last week, so can't compare, but I hit 145 starting on the left leg and 154 starting on the right leg, in 53x17.

The next three exercises were horrible. A 25s ramp up, then a 30s ramp up, then 27s ramp up, getting faster and harder each time. Or, at least, that was the idea. On the theory that my PG should be about 53x17, I've got a bit of work to do. The PG is the gear you can't quite get to 160RPM in after 8 seconds from a standing start, and if you look at my 7 seconds results above - 145 and 154 - that should be about right, no?

But these exercises were beyond me, at least today. In part there's a difficulty in hitting the exact cadence - it took me about 5 seconds just to settle on 100RPM, and then it was time to go to 130! I spent most of that 10 seconds around 124, then only hit 134 in the 10 second max effort - which only lasted 7 seconds before I couldn't go any longer. The next two sets, I at least lasted the distance, but I couldn't even hit the 130RPM mark, let alone 135 or a maximum above that - my highest was 126 in each effort. Which closely parallels my efforts at DISC on Sunday, and points to where I need to work harder.

After that the last two sets were almost warm-downs, and again I had my chain jump off the chainring doing the BGSS. I managed 116RPM on the one effort that I completed properly. Then the HCLRs again, where I hit 164 and 174, respectively.

But there are 5 months to go. Brief stats here.

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