02 June 2011

Just general Numby

I don't know why I specified that I'm a track numby, as clearly I'm just a general all-round kind of a numby! Headed off for hill sprints yesterday, but only managed to do two more or less properly - bloody chain kept coming off. I don't know. Seems that since I've switched to SRAM Force (and yes, installed it myself!) I've had heaps of trouble. And the cranks bear the brunt of it! Never had these problems with the Shimano stuff I've installed/adjusted - or not to this extent, anyway.

That said, I did get some work in, just no useful data, since the chain was coming off on the 4th or 5th pedal stroke. Still did 6 SS accelerations, at least. No way I was going to do the downhill sprints though - I've already experienced sitting on the top tube, cleats sliding down the road at 60km/hr desperately trying to slow down, steer and not hit the deck once, and I don't intend doing it again!

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