29 June 2011

Spin and blurghurubble

:00 E1
:05 1 x 6s RGSS (prefered leg), 1 x 6s HCLR,:1
:10 2 x 8s PG-4" RS (120rpm seated):3
:16 2 x 10s PG RS (120rpm seated):3
:22 2 x 8s PG+4" RS (60rpm):3
:28 2 x 10s PG+4" RS (60 rpm) (seated):3
:35 1 x 40s PG-4" RS R/up (10:100, 15:125, 15:max)
:42 1 x 30s HCLR R/up (10, 10, 10) 100, 130, 150+

Man this one hurt. In the best possible way, I'm sure, but... man. Very tired afterwards. Probably the worst was the rolling starts from 120RPM, because it requires at least 5 hard seconds to get there, followed by the 8-10 seconds of actual effort! I felt okay actually doing them, but they left me pretty rooted for the rest of the session. I have to concede that I didn't quite make the 40 seconds in the PG-4 rampup - 35 seconds. In the 15second 'max' effort, I got up okay, but only lasted about 5 seconds or so before my cadence started dropping back, and I think the last number I saw before I slumped over was 118.

Otherwise it was a successful session. Got up to 145RPM in 6 seconds in 53x14, saw 192 (though the garmin only recorded 186 - must've been too fleeting!) in the HCLR, and hit 154-159 in the 8-10s PGish efforts. I did have a little trouble with the cadence sensor (have to fix it more tightly to the cranks because it moved slightly, giving erratic readings once or twice) but it was generally quite consistent.

Brief stats here.

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