19 June 2011

DISC Ses... I mean, Spin at Home

I had intended to go to DISC tonight, but family needs won out, so I decided to do a re-run of the Spin session from last week - this time, actually on the trainer rather than by a river!

:00 E1
:05 2x5s HCLR
:10 2x8s 53x17 RS(80):3
:16 2x10s 39x12 RS(80):3
:22 2x12s 39x12 SS(seated/L,R):4
:30 2x6s 53x16 SS(seated/L,R):3
:36 1x40s 53x17 SS r/up (10:100, 15:130, 15:max)
:42 1x10s HCLR

Surprisingly enough, the results weren't even remotely similar! HCLRs gave 180 apiece, and the next two rolling starts gave 157/158 and 153/152. More interesting were the standing starts, which I did on my PG+3.5 and PG+5.2, respectively. Both times I cleared 160RPM, with 160/161 and 156/160 respectively. So that, perhaps, is an indication that I am, indeed, getting stronger!

Then came the horrible bit, the 40 second PG ramp-up. Again, I can't claim to have done it perfectly, because there's no way I can work that hard and keep my cadence constant. I was determined, though, to last the 40 seconds, and that I did manage. It was a bit touch and go - there's a bit of a divot in my graph where I drop from 126RPM down to 118 - but then I kicked it back up to my maximum of 134, held it there for probably 6-7 seconds, dropped down to 125ish over the next few, before collapsing in a wobbly heap on the bike.

I backed up with a final HCLR of 174 - a bit down perhaps, but frankly I'm amazed I managed to do it at all.

Main win for the session? Not talking myself out of being able to do the 40s rampup. Coming up to it I found myself thinking that I couldn't possibly push all the way through, that it was too long, that I'd quit 5, 10 seconds early, or I'd only get up to a maximum of 120 or some such. But I pushed through, poured sweat on the floor, scared the neighbours with my grunting, and got the motherfucker done. Yeah. I'm real bad-arse (somehow that doesn't sound quite as 'right' as 'bad-ass'. Oh well.)

Brief stats here.

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