11 June 2011


No post on Thursday/Friday? Whyever so? Well, turns out that it wasn't a cable snap, but a brifter snap - as best I can tell, anyway. Not happy, there's only maybe 3000kms on the SRAM Force. Ah well. Went to the powerhaus gym to lift things instead.

Not quite heavy things yet, though I could at least feel it a bit more this week. Work set on squats was only 45kgs, which isn't heavy enough to really make me work yet. I reckon I could probably do a 3-rep set at about 70kg at the moment, but that would be pointless and dangerous, as my form is still the most limiting factor. Twice today I shifted my weight forward on to my toes, which wouldn't be good if I was straining at the maximum weight I could lift! Slow and steady is best for now...

Otherwise I did some bench-press, 3 x 5 x 50kg, which is pretty basic. I was surprised at how easily I lifted it actually - not that I thought it would be my absolute maximum, but it felt just below the point where I actually needed to breathe properly and brace and so on. Which I still tried to do, of course, but it's actually a little bit more difficult in the bench without enough weight to brace against.

Finished off with deadlifts, which I've never done before. Again I had 50kg on the bar and tried to concentrate on correct form - the deadlift is one of those things that's incredibly simple but also surprisingly intricate and precise. Just the one set of 5 for that, and then completely ignored all of my form in picking the bar up to rack it back up. With any luck, I won't actually be nicknamed 'Turtle' from now on!

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