21 June 2011

Spin and grind.

:00 E1
:05 2 x 5s HCLR:1
:10 2 x 7s PG+4" RS (80rpm):3
:16 2 x 8s PG+4" RS (80rpm) (seated):3
:22 2 x 7s PG+4" RS (60rpm):3
:28 2 x 8s PG RS (80 rpm) (seated):3
:34 1 x 40s PGRS R/up (10:100, 15:130, 15:max)
:40 1 x 30s HCLR R/up (10:100, 10:120, 10:150+)

I had a bit of a problem this week. Yes, you're right, this is not unusual. And yes, you're right, I shouldn't be allowed near any bike with an allen key in my hand. Anyway.

My first 'problem' was whether or not to stick with 53x17 as my PG, or jump up to 53x16 since I've recorded over 160RPM in 53x16. I figured in the end to stick with 53x17, as I've only just gotten there and we're doing PG+ efforts anyway.

The second problem was that when I jumped on the bike today, it started skipping in 53x17, jumping from that to 53x16 just for the fun of it. Then maybe back again. Yes, a simple adjustment (probably) but I've grown sick of 'simple' adjustments in spin sessions, so figured I'd just call 53x16 my PG after all, and go to 53x15 for the PG+4" efforts - that is, most of them. Even though 53/17 is 81.9", 39/12 is 85.4", 53/16 is 87.1" and 53/15 is 92.9". That is, instead of doing PG and PG+4 efforts, I was doing PG+5.2 and PG+11 efforts. Erm. Then, to make matters worse (and I've done the calculations to back this up) I did the PGRS 40s effort - the one that I did last time on 81.9" and almost survived to tell the tale - in 53/15. 92.9". I am, in fact, an idiot. A numby, even. And no, I didn't last 40 seconds.

Aside from all that, an observation of note is that I get no momentum assistance from my trainer - I stop pedalling, and even on the lowest resistance setting the back wheel stops after a few revolutions. This makes the long RS efforts much more difficult than they otherwise would be, because I have to expend a fair amount of energy (especially when I'm turning 11 more inches than I should be) to get to 80RPM just to start the exercise. Good training for a kilo, perhaps, but not quite what I'm aiming for. If I can get my gears precisely tuned such that I can trust them to go bang in to the right gear (and trust my fatigued brain to count the number of clicks) then I should be able to alleviate this to an extent by getting 80RPM in an easy gear and throw it in to the target gear at the last second. But then I'll be starting the effort not with 20 seconds of grinding in my legs already, but with a sudden deceleration instead.

Brief stats here.

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