23 June 2011

Spin the black turtle!

Don't blame me, blame... well, me. This is one time it'd be handy to have a ghost-written blog.

Anyway, won't bother with the program, it was the same as Tuesday - except that this time, I did it in the right gears! Huzzah! There's hope for the boy yet.

Okay, I'll admit, I only did a 30 second PG rampup rather than 40 second, but at least that idiocy was due to end-of-session brain-fog rather than cool, calculated brainlessness. And I did it all-out, not at 40-second pace and just stopped after 30 seconds - I did it at precisely the level of suffering such that 32 seconds was out of the question. Which is kinda the way it's meant to be - so long as you can remember.

The HCLR rampup was interesting - it was 30 seconds, sure, but it was more MCLR, only getting up to 151RPM. Which just goes to show that my neural pathways weren't only cognitively shot by then!

Oh, it also goes to show that this track training malarky must be paying off, since a few months ago 120RPM would have been... well, not quite astounding, but still notable.

Other stats of note... well, all the PG+ efforts were ~150, except for one which slacked off to 146, the PG were slightly higher, and the other HCLRs were just slightly under 180, indicating that perhaps my neural pathways had roadworks right from the beginning.

Slightly more detailed brief stats here.

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