27 February 2013


Okay, so couldn't get to the gym on Monday. But did today!

First though, a quick note - someone made the hills steeper. All of them. I did not appreciate this. Also, I need to rebuild my bike. Haven't even lubed the chain for mo... never mind. I got some SRAM red brifters off ebay, so I can strip my bike, put the 'borrowed' bits back on Melanie's bike, and clean, lube, grease, rebuild rear wheel... all that sort of stuff. In a minute. When I have time.

Anyway, back in the gym, and did a 'light' session to regrease my own wheels before going back in a couple of days for a volume session, then heavy again on Monday.

And then I realised that I thought today was Tuesday, and I'd do volume on Thursday. But it's Wednesday. And I can't get to the gym on Friday.

Stay tuned for whinging tomorrow about doing volume the day after even a 'light' session. Mental toughness. Or something.

S: 2x5x110
P: 3x5x45
D: 2x5x120

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