16 November 2011


Well this should be the start of some more regular gym training for a bit, and hopefully some better form in my squat.

I dropped the weight again, down to 110kg, after plating up at 120kg. If necessary I'll go lighter still, but I think it'll be okay at 110kg. My form wasn't perfect, but my back was much better. Another couple of sessions there, get the back perfect and stronger, then work back up again, see how it goes. It's not like I need to squat 150kg by Christmas.

Bench, still at 65kg, mainly because I haven't bought 1.25kg plates yet. But I'll hopefully get them shortly and start back up on the bench. I'm not confident to make 5kg jumps at this weight without a spotter, but I feel that I can still progress.

Powercleans up to 70kg, and the form wasn't so good - the shrug is a lot harder to do even than 65kgs! I got them all, but don't think I'd get 75, and certainly not cleanly. Again, 1.25kg plates should come in handy.

Not so much DOMS after this one, but still rather tired and sore. It'll be great to get back past that again!

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