16 December 2011

1812 Overture

Squats: 102.5kg. Oh yeah baby! Anyway. Focussed strongly on pushing the knees out, ignored the back, and it felt... well, different, anyway. Better. I'll take the camera next time to have a look.

Press: 57.5kg, like a dream. Maybe 3 out of the 15 were slow, including one that I let get out the front of me, but the rest went up strongly and nowhere near as exhaustingly as on my last attempt. So a new 3x5RM. Excellent!

Deadlift: Went for a 3x60kg, 2x100kg and 1x140kg warmup, and that felt pretty right. Waited a bit over 10 minutes, chalked up, and gripped the bar for 157.5kg. Set up strong, hips a bit higher, back tight, and took it up 5 times. Slight hitch on the 4th rep, but otherwise pretty smooth. Damnably heavy, of course, but went up. Another PR for the day! Okay, so it's still LP, every day should be PR day, but it's starting to get decently heavy - not exactly weightlifter heavy, but at 350 pounds, still a good lift. (Not) To mention that for a while I haven't been P-ing at all, L-ly or otherwise!

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