09 December 2011


Or should that be 'beetle'? I start this post with a disclaimer - I'm really tired. Not been sleeping well all week and been really busy. So, I'm not too devastated that I failed in all of today's lifts. A bit, maybe, but, you know...

So squats actually generally felt okay, my stance and drive and so on felt fairly good, but my endurance was crappy - by the end of the first set I could barely hold tension through my torso for an entire rep, and each rep got harder and harder to keep tight. By the third rep of the second set, I decided to give it away, as I was back to just bullying the weight back up, which wasn't doing me any good.

I decided to keep the plan for the day rather than backing off, and it almost paid off for the press - 57.5kgs went up 14 TIMES. Damnit. But the 4th rep of the third set, I kid you not, took me a good ten or so seconds to lock out. How's that for strength-endurance? But I was absolutely roasted. No way I could even imagine attempting the final rep, I was as exhausted as a set of deads.

Speaking of which, I tried a slightly different approach to the warmup for the deadlift today - a set of 5 at 60kg, then a single at 120kg to warm up for 157.5kg. Didn't, on this occasion at least, work. I had three attempts at the bar and only got it off the ground about 10cms on the second try. Not because the weight was too heavy (though of course it was heavy!) but because despite at least 10 minutes of rest, I still had nothing and just couldn't set myself solidly.

So not the best session. Two of the attempts were PRs though, and I very nearly got the Press despite being so tired. Better to have gone than not, just the same.

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