13 December 2011

Teh Band

Hopefully Teh Band don't exist. If they did, they'd play a mixture of hardcore and weak-arse.

Squats... well, they started at 122.5, but finished at 100. My form just keeps going to shit and I'm wasting time. I've lost nearly 10kg, which probably doesn't help, but just the same they feel crappy. So I went back down to 100 since the volume I'm getting done at heavier weights isn't going to maintain any strength anyway, so I might as well cut my losses and at least get some shit done and get LP happening again. Even if it means regressing by 4 MONTHS. Shit. Mind you, if I'd done it two months ago I could still be back up to 140kg by now. Shit.

Bench... well, after sitting at 65kg for ages, it's going up nicely now - 72.5 today, and got them done. Lost the bar path a little on the last of 15, but it only curved down my chest a little and I got it back up without too much trouble.

Powercleans at 75kg, I was really determined to get these done with good form. And it was certainly better than last week - I did catch one not far above my nipples and pushed it up the rest of the way, but aside from that the form felt sketchy, but not bad. The very last rep, I really nailed it - got the shrug, got the jump, and despite being the last rep, I nearly caught it with my nose. Just got to hold that groove in my mind until next week, onwards to 77.5kg...

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