28 January 2013

Got 'em (mostly)

Squats felt lovely, what can I say. Just hit that groove and went back up smooth as you like. Press... well, couldn't manage the second at 65kg. Not really doing the whole hip wiggle thingy that Rip reckons you should do, more just a straight military press with a bit of layback. Maybe I should give it more of a go. Deads... well, I got them up. One at a time. If this were still SS, that would count as a 'fail', but perhaps that's the way I'm headed for intensity day now, 5 singles rather than a set of 5. I'll aim still for 5 next time, but better to keep increasing the weight so long as I can get them than insisting upon sub-30 second breaks between each rep...

S: 1x5x155
P: 1x1x65
D: 5x1x167.5

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