27 October 2011

Lifestyle Periodisation

It's what happens when life just says: "Look, mate, you're just not going to train this week. Remember on Monday, when you had a couple of hours but were still recovering from Sunday? And Wednesday, when you felt guilty about 'wasting' time at the gym when the house was still a mess? Well, guess what? That was all the time you had this week, my friend."

I did one 20km ride on Tuesday, home from school dropoff, in which I at least included a few hill sprints and one 'flying 200', as it were. And now my daughter's sick and I can't even take time away from her (except now, at 9pm - I'm sure I would jump on the trainer now if I wanted it bad enough, even though I got 2 hours sleep last night) to do 45 minutes because she's so miserable.

Next week, theoretically, would be a taper for SSS Round 2. But I'm not sure it's possible to taper down from a week of nothing. So here's the plan. Fri: 1/2 Spin. Sat: Spin. Sun: DISC. Mon: Gym. Tues: Recovery. Wed: Spin. Thurs: 20km road ride. Fri: Recovery. Sat: 'Sharpen'. Sun: Race.

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