15 September 2011


Not sure what the official spelling of 'spineroonie' should be, but I'll go with that. This is Part One... because I've not done all of the spin session yet. Yes, that's right, I quit, and I didn't even vomit. What a sad, sad day for hard men everywhere.

:05 2 x 6s HCLR:1 (39x23 : 46")
:10 2 x 7s PG+12 (99") SS L,R:3
:16 12s PG (87") RS (80)
:22 14s PG (87") RS (80)
:28 18s PG+4 (93") RS (60)
:35 24s PG+8 (99") SS seated
:42 30s PG+8 (99") RS (40, seated)

Well, that was the idea, anyway. And no, my PG+ inches aren't quite perfect, but I've only got PG+6 and PG+12. What're ya going to do? Oh, right, get a better trainer...

So HCLRs on a slightly bigger gear, 44" (according to Sheldon) rather than 41". Max RPM of 186, so quite similar to 'normal'. SSes were good, up to 149/72.6, can't complain about that. PGRSes, slightly shorter than last week, and from a higher initial cadence, gave slightly better and more consistent results - 143/60.5 and 140/59.5. The final 'preliminary' was 11s longer and 8" harder than last week, so was rather in the category of 'the tough part' than the preliminary! The result was good though, solid and consistent 125/56 for essentially the whole interval was pleasing.

And then... 24s 99" SS lasted all of about 12s before the legs just wouldn't go anymore, and I didn't have the will to push them any more. I don't know if that was the better thing or not - if I'd kept going, I would have been lucky to finish with a cadence above 60 or so, which is not good quality. On the other hand,  pushing through is kinda the point. So. Part one because, once my daughter is in bed, I'm going to try again - do another warmup with HCLRs, then attempt the last two exercises again. Okay, won't be as good as doing them at the time. And maybe if I were with the rest of the squad I'd've made it. Who knows? We do what we can, we try what we can't, and we see what happens. And last week I did them on only 93". Stay tuned...

Edit 1: I've just realised that I'm a numby. No, really. PG is the gear that you can't quite get to 160RPM in 8 seconds from 80RPM, isn't it? Not, in fact, the gear that you can get to 160RPM on. So my PG is actually now 53x15, 93", not 53x16, 87". Whoops. So I in fact have 93" PG, 99" PG+6, 107" PG+14, and 116" PG+23. Erm. Well I'm not doing the whole friggen thing again. And I'm NOT doing the last two on 107".

Edit 2: For all you funky mothers who've been desperately (or coolly) tapping on that refresh key, here it is.

HCLR: Doesn't really matter. Warmup.
99" 24s SS(seated): Max of 132/64.2, held above 130 until ~20s, then decayed ~10RPM over the next 4 seconds. Not bad, but need to push harder at the end - that's when the race is won, after all!
99" 30s RS (40, seated): Max of 116/56.3 - Maintained >54 until ~24s where I dropped to 52.5, slammed it all the way back up to a monsterific 54.1 and held it there to the end.

Comparison? Tough, because last week I was on 93" and only had a 7-minute break rather than 5 hours. But you know what I can compare it to? This. Four months ago, in a 6-second all-out sprint, I got to a maximum of 115RPM on 99". Now I'm doing that for 30 seconds, and for 6 seconds I'm doing 150RPM. Suck on that, previous me.

Brief stats are here and here.

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