04 August 2011

Stimp stimp stimp

Perhaps one day I'll get a bit more creative with my titles. Anyway, today was a repeat of Tuesday, and the results were a bit of a repeat too!

I didn't quite match the high of Tuesday in the SSes, but was more consistent, varying from 155/69.6 - 163/72.6, getting faster each time. The intervening RSes were also about 1km/hr slower, but the PGRSs were higher, both the seated variants giving a return of 69.3km/hr. Then to finish, the HCLR rampup was about identical!

Not much to be excited about, perhaps, but given that Thursday numbers tend to be a little down, I was happy with the result; perhaps the greater emphasis on strength, with only one longer effort (and only 20s at that) made recovery a bit easier.

Brief stats here.

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