06 August 2011

Van Halen

Oh hair metal, what's not to love?

Good session this morning - started off feeling fairly unstable in the squats for some reason though. Twice I had to take a step backwards on the way up, once in my first work set! Carl thought I was drunk, but it was far too early for that. That aside though, squats at 80kg felt okay, and the last work set was almost the easiest of the lot! Which is nice to experience - it's feeling heavy, but entirely attainable, which is an important transition to make from previous weeks where it's not really felt terribly heavy and been easy. I have to work now, but it's work that's fun.

Otherwise, press went up to 40kg without any hassles - again, heavy but not a problem. Deadlift went up to 90kg and felt okay, though Carl felt that my back was too rounded, so that's something to work on there. I'm going to go investigate a gym to go to on Thursdays to replace the second spin session, so as to get more out of this strength-gaining period in the gym before racing starts back. And for the moment, make sure that my bike is absolutely tip-top hunky-dory super-duper ridgey-didge before tomorrow's DISC session!

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