13 August 2011

Twisted Sister

Well today didn't go quite as well as has been the case up until now! I tried to focus, but it just wasn't there... sleep hasn't been so good the last couple of nights, so recovery probably hasn't been optimal. And had no carbs whatsoever beforehand, which was probably a mistake.

All that said, other than a failure in my second bench set - caused by lack of focus, not strength - I got through the session. My squat form at 90kg was mostly okay, except for one or two dodgy reps, including one where I stumbled backwards. Bench at 70kg was tough, though I wasn't even remotely sore or fatigued in any of the relevant muscles, so I think that's likely a more systemic thing by that point, related to general fatigue and incorrect nutrition. Powercleans the form felt mostly good, though I still need to work on getting the racking technique down pat - pointy bones and heavy metal don't mix very well! 55kgs was still flying up above my head on the jump though, so I take that as success! Finished with 5 chinups - still jumping, but feeling much stronger. Maybe some time in the next month or two I'll actually be able to do them properly!

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