10 January 2012

BBN Tuesday too early

So I figured I might as well go - better to rock up late than not at all! In the end it meant that I only missed one motorpaced F150, and I was knackered after 3 anyway, so perhaps it was for the best!

After a month off the bike, it was good to be back out there, and while my endurance and recovery have suffered, the engine seems to still be there - speeds were all in the high 50s, with a top (supposedly. I'm not trusting my garmin much at the moment) of 59.2. This business of sitting behind a motorcycle makes it oh so easy! Mind you, the jump was only from about 45, so it still required a decent acceleration.

Anyway, good session, even if I did go on to lose to my daughter three times in a row. Oh, the ignominy! New nuts and so on should be arriving this week, so I'll finally be 'safe'. With any luck.

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