14 January 2012

Mike Patton

Yes, more weights! But don't worry, I'll be back on the bike tomorrow - new nuts and chain in hand.

Squats up to 120kg, and felt fairly good except - they were slightly high! Or, at least, some of them were roughly parallel, rather than below parallel. So perhaps an inch in it. A bit perplexing, because they didn't feel like they were being cut off high, and I'm generally pretty good at feeling it, when I check against the video. Not enough to warrant doing them again, but I'll have to be a little more careful next session to get all the way down.

Bench was oh so so close at 77.5, but couldn't get the 4th of the last set past the sticking point a few inches off the chest. Slightly annoying, because they did feel stronger than they have, but nevermind, I'll reset (again!) and work back up. They're only chesticles, after all...

Powercleans and, well, I repeated 80kg, just to be 'fair', and - to be 'fair' - I got them up. But not one of them didn't see me bending my arms as I passed my knees. Scrutinising the video, they stay that bent until they're supposed to bend, and then they whip around. So I'm not even, really, pulling the bar up - I'm just robbing myself of power! And screwing up my timing - my feet are hitting the floor again while the bar is still going up, about nipple-height. Maybe three out of the twelve I caught low, but the rest racked fine. So strength is not the issue, but technique certainly is. Not sure how best to fix it though.

Then one real chin plus a few jumping chins.

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