26 July 2011

Monster Mash

:05 2 x 6s HCLR:1
:10 2 x 6s PG+12" SS:3
:16 2 x 8s PG+12" SS seated:3
:22 2 x 6s PG+6" RS (60rpm):3
:28 2 x 7s PG+12" SS seated:3
:34 25s PG RS(80)
:42 1 x 35s HCLR r/up 10:110, 10:135, 15:max

A fairly similar program to last week, lots of strength work involving standing starts. I was quite happy with the session today, which felt generally stronger and more focussed than even the session at Blackburn.

Numbers were good - up to 154/68.5 for the first PG+12 SS, compared to a best of 146/65.2 last week. The PG+6 RS gave a high of 158/65.8 compared to 153/64.4 last week. Again, the seated SSs were higher than the standing versions, probably because of needing to sit down on my trainer due to stability issues and just plain getting to higher cadences, and the lighter flywheel meaning I just don't have to push as hard to get going. A top of 161/72.6 was pleasing, though.

The 25s PGRS effort I wasn't entirely sure what to do, so I just did it as a 5,10,10 rampup and hit a top of 138. HCLR rampup was good, just went all-out in the last ten seconds and hit, apparently, 195 - I wasn't looking at the time, and it seems like potentially a spike though garmin and golden cheetah both agree. At any rate, it was at least 184 which is what I hit in the warmup, so nice to hit those levels again at the end.

Brief stats here.

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