23 July 2011

Bon Jovi

Given that I'm not even doing these in the right order, I don't know why I'm bothering. Still, is there anything more fun than trying to remember 80s hair metal? Though I hear that Bon Jovi are still going, less or more strong...

Anyway, nice session in the gym; it's all starting to feel like work now, which is more satisfying! The squats were mostly good, mostly sufficiently deep, though on the last work set I ended up doing 7 reps because the first two were crap - one barely even parallel, and one I lost my balance and ended up taking a step backwards. Otherwise they felt pretty good, and while 70kgs (that is, about 60% of my bodyweight!) is only just barely novice-level, at least it's getting up there, and 5kg/week progressions are no problem for now.

The press went up to 35kg, and that I can start to feel, too - it didn't just go up on its own like it did a fortnight ago! No particular problems though, and still just concentrating on form, trying to make sure to shrug the shoulders, catch it back on the delts, that sort of thing.

Deadlifts went up to 80kg, and are starting to feel heavy coming up. I think I've got the form pretty well right with that one, though it's easy to forget bits and pieces in the moment. Hell, it's hard enough to count to five at times!

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