12 July 2011

Bucket? Who needs a bucket?

This was supposed to be a bucket session, but it felt okay to me - I could even walk afterwards! Well, shortlyish afterwards, anyway. Perhaps I didn't go hard enough...

:00 E1
:05 2 x 6s HCLR:1
:10 2 x 7s PG+8" SS L,R:3
:16 2 x 6s PG+8" RS (40):3
:25 20s RG SS (race leg)
:32 20s RG RS (80) (10s reverse splits)
:39 30s PG+4" RS (10s reverse splits)
:45 1 x 35s HCLR R/up (10, 10, 15) 100, 130, 150+

 HCLRs were a bit better - 184 and 180 (Garmin reckons 201, but I'm quite sure that's not right!) The PG standing and rolling starts were good - best of 164 for the right-leg standing start, and 156/158 otherwise - last one was only 150 because my left foot pulled out of the pedal after about 5 seconds - not something I want to happen on a track bike! I'll have a good look at it before Friday, might just need adjusting.

The RG (53x14 versus 53x15) SS felt good - again, pulled out of the pedal after a few seconds, but slotted back in and kept going up to 25s to compensate - hit a high of 153 and slowly decayed, but still above 130RPM by the end of the 25 seconds, so happy with that. The 20s RS reverse split I had to guess at an effort level, and so worked up to between 115 and 120 for the first 10s, then above 130 for the second 10s. I managed that okay, but felt that I probably could have aimed a bit higher - perhaps I should try for ~125 and then ~135 for Thursday's session.

The 30s PG reverse split thingie I decided to try to continually increase effort, rather than trying to hold a level - so I went for 100 increasing to 110ish, then increasing to 120ish, then basically sprinting as hard as possible to as high as possible for the last 10s - as opposed to jumping as hard as possible and then holding. That saw me hit 146, which I'm pretty happy with. Jumping and holding is probably more race relevant, but continually pushing higher to muscle collapse is probably better training. But I still didn't need a bucket!

HCLR rampup again for the third segment I just tried to sprint as hard as possible, and got up to 174 and was possibly slightly smoother - it's hard to tell. With the lack of resistance, around 130 is almost the hardest point, because I end up bouncing around a bit if I don't make a big effort not to. After that, I probably bounce around just as much, but I'm working too hard to notice!

Overall a good session. Some good numbers (including 3 of 70km/hr+) and felt good even in the longer efforts - of course, none of them were 40s, which helps! Brief stats here.

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