08 July 2011

Solitary spin

Just the one this week - I almost managed to make a Tuesday or Wednesday session work so that I could fit both in, but I had a visiting sister who didn't quite fit in with my schedule. I managed to bundle her and two kids off for a shopping trip to at least get the one session in on Thursday. And, writing this on Friday, I'm tempted to do another one, so much fun did I have! And no, that's actually not sarcastic...

:00 E1
:05 2 x 6s HCLR:1
:10 2 x 6s PG+8" RS (60rpm):3
:16 2 x 7s PG+8" RS (50rpm) (seated):3
:22 2 x 6s PG+8" SS:3
:28 2 x 7s PG+8" SS (seated):3
:34 1 x 40s PG RS R/up (10:90, 15:125, 15:max)
:40 1 x 35s HCLR R/up (10:100, 10:130, 15:150+)

HCLRs were disappointing, 181 and 175, and felt rather uncoordinated doing them. Perhaps due to so long in between spin sessions? The PG+8 efforts were all actually PG+11 efforts (what's 3 inches between friends? As the bishop said to the choirgirl. Boom tish.) and felt quite solid - except for the second RS(60RPM) which I got out of the saddle for. And dragged the trainer about 15cm along the floor! Not surprisingly I only got up to 133RPM on that one...

For the standing starts I was really working on the countdown, getting my breathing set and synchronised, treating it as a genuine gate start. The numbers were better than the rolling starts (do I have better strength than power? Better low- than mid-range torque? Or did the extra focus of the standing starts versus rolling make the difference? Dunno!) in the mid-150s, but on the last one I was determined to break 160 and I managed it - 163RPM in 7 seconds in 53x15, ~92". Happy with that. As a demonstration of how comparable that is to actual track performance, I had a top speed of 71.6km/hr and covered about 150m in that 7 seconds. In reality I think I'd be lucky to get to 40km/hr and the 1/4 lap!

The PG rampup was okay - max of only 133, but again I made the 40 seconds. Okay, I may have started to shut down at 39 seconds. I'll be sure to do one more second of work next time. Actually no, scratch that, 41 seconds is just too long! HCLR rampup again I felt uncoordinated, but at least this time I had an excuse, and a top of 161 at the end of that session isn't too bad.

Brief stats here.

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