29 July 2011


Felt tired today - I think my recovery from Tuesday was sub-optimal, as I was starving on Wednesday and have felt a little lethargic. Trying to make up for that in eating today! I've also spent much of the week trying to get my speedplay cleats off my shoes, and have had to resort to trying to drill the screws out. Even that's taking some time! In the meantime I did the session today with two screws out at the back, and still it felt secure through the standing starts. If I don't get them out tomorrow, I may have to do Sundays DISC session in runners and flatties...

Anyway, numbers weren't too too bad in most areas despite tiredness - the first standing start was back down to the levels of the previous week, with a best of 142/64.4. The other seated standing starts (as it were) were more similar, one or two RPM down on Tuesday, topping out at 159/71.2. The RS was slightly higher, with a best of 159/66.3. The PGRS was also the same, while the final HCLR was about 10RPM lower in the final 'sprint'. So overall a solid session, and possibly an indication that the standing results from Tuesday were slightly anomalous - or possibly, an indication of what I can do when I get it right! The numbers continue, overall, to go up...

Brief stats here.

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