03 July 2011

DISC Session #11 with ABOC

Powerjumps, powerjumps, and then some powerjumps. Just for variety! 2x 1/2-lap on 86" from ~30, then 2x 1/2-lap on 93" from ~30, then instead of doing Flying 100s the 4 of us (only 4!) decided to do... race training, essentially. Work up to 40ish, then rider on the front does a flying lap, rider behind sits on the wheel and tries to time the sprint to the line.

I don't have anything much interesting to say, and the stats don't provide anything very interesting either. Top speed/cadence came in the warmup! For powerjumps the main interest is in the jump, the acceleration, and I don't have a useful way yet of analysing that. I tried to try hard, but I still need to work harder at my jump - and I need to get my new tyres on to, hopefully, help with slipping. I also need to work on my form - one of the sprints I felt like I was really crouching down over the front end rather than standing up a bit more, and so probably robbing myself of a lot of power.

But that's about all. I need to find some better free software for the making of the analyses. Because, clearly, I don't spend enough time on analysis!

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