10 July 2011

No Electronica!

That's right, I was completely naked for tonight's ABOC DISC session - I left my Garmin at home. As such, I am entirely confused about how I went this evening and know nothing about anything.

Well, perhaps not quite. New tyres tonight, so I was a bit concerned about the potential for slipping, but the sanding and vinegaring I did seemed to work and I had no problems on that score. I did still have slipping under acceleration but that's probably positional - though I hope that these tyres will help a bit. I was trying to focus on keeping my arms straight (I've been tending to hunch over the front with bent arms, especially in the powerjumps) but I'm not sure if it helped much or not! My main focus for the moment is transferring increased strength to the track, and slipping (sometimes for a good 50 metres) under acceleration isn't helping that.

Otherwise I was fairly happy with my efforts, the jumps did feel a bit stronger, and I was absolutely rooted after the 2 x 250m MACs, which is the way it should be. Interestingly I recovered better from the final 375m MAC than the 250s, which might have to do with the effort, or simply that there was just one of them. Hard to say. I also had a bit of a play on some rollers, which will take a bit of getting used to!

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