31 July 2011

DISC Session #15 with ABOC

Powerjumps and MACs... nothing too complicated tonight! The powerjumps were 1/4 lap, react to the lead rider, three thereof with three of us in the group so we each got a turn in each position. Nobody overtook anyone else, top speeds for me after 62.5m from ~15km/hr were all about 42-44 km/hr (on 86"), and the new Look Keos were fine - which is to say, I was fine in them!

MACs were also good - 250 followed by 375. The 250 I hit the roller 3 times in the windup, and again had to avoid the back of the bike on the catch, for a top of 59.8 on 99". The 375 was better, in that I only hit the roller the once in the windup, and the bike was going faster - which meant more chasing/less drafting, and more effort. So even though it was a longer effort, I still hit a higher top speed of 61.0/131RPM. Not so satisfying those numbers though, must get them higher.

At the end of the session I decided to join in the 'extra' gate starts - and promptly pulled a wheel. Annoying. It'd been fine all night, so the only thing I can think of is that it was fine for lower-power efforts like the MACs, or it wasn't quite in straight and so as I rode it worked itself ever so slightly loose. Should've checked it before I did them, but I'd done it up as tightly as I possibly could in the first place. Sigh. I keep on missing bits in this sort of way. Not that gate starts are essential, but they're useful additions and good for working strength on the bike rather than in the gym. Ah well. Not like I'm aiming for the Olympics I guess, but still, I'm not just here for shits and giggles!

Brief stats here.

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