14 July 2011

Bucket? Where's that bucket?!

Well, not quite, but gods, it was much harder today. Same program, but nothing like the same experience. HCLRs were 175/184, so okay, but almost everything else was 5-10RPM lower than Tuesday. The one exception was the second PG+8 RS, and that only because on Tuesday I pulled my foot out of the pedal!

It's interesting to postulate why - was it recovery, was it the lack of food (I trained at 17:30 or so and hadn't eaten since 11ish,) the lack of preparation since I only decided to do it rather than race tomorrow night at the last minute, the lack of a cycling jersey, or the addition of my HRM which I finally found and so distracted me? The full moon? Who knows. I know that I'm tired!

Brief stats here.

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