02 July 2011

Guns 'n Roses

Because, well, I'm just about getting up to hair metal in the heaviness stakes. Today overall felt quite good - the weight is getting on there, to the point now where I actually needed to work a little in the work sets - as well as concentrate on developing form. My squat felt more stable, mostly, though there were still a couple of reps where my balance was wrong. And I'm starting to be able to feel the depth more; mostly in retrospect, but it's developing in the moment as well.

I did power cleans for the first time today - started off with hang pulls to get the general idea of jumping up with the bar, shrugging the shoulders and racking the bar. Then the weight went up to 40kg and I did a full set of 4 at that weight - once I didn't really jump, once I caught the bar on my hands rather than properly on the... what're they called? Delts? Shoulders, anyway. The last two felt quite good though, which for what is quite a complicated lift is pleasing. Which isn't to say that I've got it down pat, but it's a good beginning.

I also did some chin-ups. Well, when I say chin-ups, I mean jumping up and trying to let myself down as slowly as possible to a hang position before putting my feet back on the ground. I suspect it'll take a while before I can manage to lift my bodyweight!

Work Sets
Squats: 3x5x55kg
Bench Press: 3x5x55kg
Power Cleans: 1x4x40kg
Chinups: 2x5x115kg (jumping)

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