09 July 2011

Erm... Poison?

I can see that if I'm to continue with this 'heavy metal' conceit then I'm going to have to get a bit more fine-grained. Already I don't really think that Poison were heavier than Guns n' Roses, but can't think of another sufficiently similar band. Perhaps the last one should have been Bon Jovi, then this one could be 'Europe', and then GnR... anyway!

Started off the session today feeling rather stiff, and my first warmup set of squats was a bit dubious. After that though, I felt my form was mostly pretty good, with just one bad wobble on the 4th rep of my third work set, popping up on to my toes. Controlled it okay though, and got to the end of the set without problems. The weight is starting to feel actually heavy, and I'm starting to have to put in effort to get it moving back upwards again. So, concentrate on my form and keep steadily increasing the weight...

Otherwise, the press went up to 30kg, no problems there, I don't feel I need to actually push it up yet, it just goes up! Deadlift I went up to 70kg and it's at the point where the weight is noticeable, but still easy. I suspect that will change in the next session or two though!

I've just done a spreadsheet looking at my projected gains assuming a linear progression of 5kg increases per session for each lift (which, if not precisely valid, is interestingly valid enough to demonstrate the different progression in each lift and where I might be still getting stronger in any given aspect versus plateauing in another) to give me an indication of where I might be come the end of the year, and to measure what actually happens. According to that spreadsheet, come the end of the year (assuming one session per week) I should be doing the following for the relevant work sets:

Squat: 185kg
Press: 90kg
Bench: 120kg
Deadlift: 130kg
Power Clean: 105kg

I don't really anticipate any of these will be accurate, and they don't take in to account relative physiological limits at all (except in terms of their starting points) but... will be interesting, anyway. And I'll still not be at twice my body weight for the squat unless I lose about 20kg!

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