22 July 2011

Vaguely interesting...

So, how'd the repeat go then? Well, what can I say - it was vaguely interesting, but no surprises - yellow figures are today's, obviously:

6s HCLR - 201 ... 180
6sHCLR - 198 ... 183
7s PG+12 SS#1 – 134/59.7 ... 146/65.2
7s PG+12 SS#2 – 128/57 ... 139/60.9
8s PG+6 RS#1 – 147/61.4 ... 152/63.3
8s PG+6 RS#2 – ?/? ... 153/64.4
12s PG RS#1 – 145/57 ... 146/57.6
12s PG RS#2 – 143/56.2 ... 151/59.4
8s BGSS (L) - 111/61.8 ... 118/66.9
8s BGSS (R) – 112/62.4 ... 130/72.2
35s PG RS R/up – 132/51.8 ... 136/53.6
35s HCLR r/up - -/- ... 172

See what I mean? About as expected, in the sense that the numbers from today were consistently higher, more so in the standing start versus the rolling start. But look at the BGSSs - the difference between the first and second effort today is much greater than the difference between the first efforts Tuesday and today. The main change I made was in the transition from pushing hard to start off the effort to pedalling as fast and as smoothly as possible - the first I really just kept stomping. Both times I sat down after about 6 seconds, because it was getting too unstable to stand - unlike the KKRM, which didn't move too much, mine moved nearly a foot forward during the standing starts. Clearly I'm unweighting the rear wheel too much (as evidenced in DISC sessions) but that's a tough one to fix. I'm trying though.

I was about as rooted today, but didn't feel sick - I'm thinking diet is more the key there, though the extra power output presumably required to get the larger flywheel on the KKRM going could have played some role. I've been 20-30g carb the last two days, and will be ~30 again today, cramming them in after the session in an attempt to aid recovery - weights tomorrow and then DISC on Sunday. Want to make sure I get maximum value out of those sessions!

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