30 July 2011

They might be giants

Well, if I'm going to... nah, let's be honest, it's just the music that my daughter has playing at the moment and I couldn't be bothered thinking of another band!

Not much to report from today really. It's all getting heavy, which is at this stage helping my powerclean form, making it more obvious if I pull with the arms rather than jumping and shrugging and so on. The 4th and 5th rep of each bench workset were slower than the rest, and the difference between a good squat and a bad squat is more apparent, too. Which is all good, because it's at this point that strength actually starts growing, as the lifts become more difficult. Excellent!

Squat: 3x5x75kg
Bench: 3x5x65kg
Powerclean: 3x4x50kg

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